Mini miner 15 pts

Proving you've done your work.

Help me unpack 5 pts

Just your basic byte reading. A good warm-up exercise.

Tales of SSL 25 pts

Generate an SSL certificate according to given data.

Dockerized solutions 30 pts

Lucky day! You get to be the registry.

Password hashing 15 pts

A short trip that ought to clear up some misconceptions.

Touch-Tone dialing 35 pts

... followed by the pound sign.

Basic face detection 35 pts

Hunt for faces in a bunch of tiles.

The one with Redis 70 pts

Extract some data from Redis. In a way.

Visual basic math 35 pts

Basic arithmetic and – quite literally – reading numbers.

A global presence 35 pts

Send a few requests from a few different places.

WebSocket chit chat 30 pts

Talk to a WebSocket server until it reveals a password.

Collision course 15 pts

A rather short fling with colliding MD5.

Hosting git 30 pts

We want to talk to your git server.

Jotting JWTs 20 pts

Handle some incoming JWTs for us.

Reading QR 10 pts

Those damn squares. They're everywhere.

Brute force ZIP 15 pts

Who hasn't forgotten a ZIP password?

Serving DNS 60 pts

Set up a DNS server according to a specification.

Backup restore 10 pts

Restore a database dump and extract some data.

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