Mini miner 15 pts

Proving you've done your work.

Help me unpack 5 pts

Just your basic byte reading. A good warm-up excercise.

Tales of SSL 25 pts

Generate an SSL certificate according to given data.

Password hashing 15 pts

A short trip that ought to clear up some misconceptions.

Basic face detection 35 pts

Hunt for faces in a bunch of tiles.

The one with Redis 70 pts

Extract some data from Redis. In a way.

Visual basic math 35 pts

Basic arithmetic and – quite literally – reading numbers.

A global presence 35 pts

Send a few requests from a few different places.

WebSocket chit chat 30 pts

Talk to a WebSocket server until it reveals a password.

Collision course 15 pts

A rather short fling with colliding MD5.

Serving DNS 60 pts

Set up a DNS server according to a specification.

Backup restore 10 pts

Restore a database dump and extract some data.

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