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Here's a few beliefs that underpin most of the content you'll see in the newsletter.

  • delivering products1 is king
  • maintainability is queen2
  • we're all human — and we should optimize for that3
  • if you really want to grow, you need to get in over your head4
  • an hour of well-planned, focused work can be more valuable than an unfocused day
  • broad, generalist knowledge is fun and can lead to interesting outcomes
  • ... any of the above may be wrong
1. Apps, libraries, tools, even single classes are products.
2. Think chess.
3. See the HumanOps mantra.
4. At least a bit.

Here's a rambling list of topics and areas that come to my mind, along with how probable they are to show up.

  • no-humdrum, insightful articles on development yes
  • brilliant, no-nonsense tech books (e.g. SotW) heck yes
  • good, well-presented, thought-provoking talks betcha
  • reaching market before the heat death of the universe sure
  • how the kernel handles $interesting_thing possible
  • how to use $library in $framework no
  • books about design patterns no
  • theoretical computer science improbable
  • mathematical corectness in haskell programs not really

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This is a pretty informal, borderline personal newsletter. I'm making it because I hope the stuff I read, research, discover could be of use to someone else.

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