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Hi! This is hackattic. That means nothing to you right now, and that's fine. I suck at landing pages but this thing needs an introduction, so here's a few words straight from the dude that hacked it up.

Right now, hackattic is four five seven nine eleven fifteen seventeen challenges, ready to get solved. I plan to keep adding more over time, but I had to start somewhere. And they keep coming!

I’d like to think these are not your average challenges. You won’t (now or probably ever) be asked to invert a binary tree, sort a goddamn list or do other purely computer-science-y things. There are other websites for that.

The challenges on hackattic will require you to work with and dive into real world stuff. That’s why the initial list has challenges that feature programmatically generating highly contrived SSL certificates, reading and extracting things from data Redis dump files, colliding hashing algorithms and other perversely fun stuff.

The idea was born out of frustration.

Recruitment processes suck. Well, it’s getting better, but there’s still a lot to be done. Still too much pretending to care about clean code, O(logN) and inverting binary trees. Meanwhile, the product and the creative process are a reflection of the team - the humans that make it. Clean code has to serve the humans. Complexity should serve the use-case. So, a hundred steps from now, maybe I’ll be able to add my two cents and change how we see team-building for the better. This is step zero - putting myself and these challenges out there. I hope it's a conversation.

Hope you have fun solving these. I sort of had fun making them.

— Jack