A global presence

35 points

Connect to the problem endpoint, write down your presence_token.

You now have 30 seconds to perform at least 7 requests to the URL https://hackattic.com/_/presence/$presence_token.

Here's the catch: every request has to come from a different country.

For every request, the response will return a list of countries that have checked in so far, in the form of a simple string, like so: PL,NL,DE,CA,RU. After you've accumulated at least 7, send an empty JSON to the solution endpoint to mark the challenge as solved.


Getting the problem set

GET /challenges/a_global_presence/problem?access_token=...

JSON structure:

  • presence_token: your token, use with https://hackattic.com/_/presence/$presence_token

Submitting a solution

POST /challenges/a_global_presence/solve?access_token=...

Send an empty JSON ({}) when you're done going around the world.

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