Reading QR

10 points

Connect to the problem endpoint, grab the image with a QR code from the returned image_url. The code contains a hyphen-formatted, numeric code.

Your task is to parse the QR code and submit the resulting code.

That's it, it's practically free points!

Getting the problem set

GET /challenges/reading_qr/problem?access_token=...

Problem JSON format will be in the following format:

  • image_url: URL to the image with the QR code

Submitting a solution

POST /challenges/reading_qr/solve?access_token=...

Solution JSON structure:

  • code: the code contained in the QR

Why this challenge?

I had this one stashed away in git for ages. It's a pretty simple challenge, with the only twist being the rotation of the code - but there are many simple ways you can tackle that part. Even brute-force'y. Why not?

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