Trivial filing

20 points

I want you to show me you can set up a basic TFTP server, and automate it a bit.

Hit the problem endpoint, retrieve a list of files along with their desired content (yep, those dates, just strings). I want to find those files along with their respective content on your TFTP server, the hostname and port of which I'd like you to submit to the solution endpoint.

When you get the list of files, you will have 5 seconds to generate them on your server and make sure it's up and running. You need to submit the hostname and port of your TFTP server within those 5 seconds to pass.

If you time out, you'll need to get the problem set again and try all over.

Getting the problem set

GET /challenges/trivial_filing/problem?access_token=...

As part of the problem set, you only need to retrieve the filename that will contain the correct answer.

  • files: a dictionary where key = filename, value = file content

Submitting a solution

POST /challenges/trivial_filing/solve?access_token=...

The solution needs to contain a host and port value that the app will then connect to and verify that the files are there, and they contain the right stuff. That's it!

  • tftp_host: hostname of your server
  • tftp_port: port of your server


I really wanted an FTP challenge. I have one in mind, but let's kick off with a more... TRIVIAL one.

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